Why use a rescue rather than buy?

We believe adopting from a rescue has a lot of benefits over buying from a shop. Here are some reasons why.

When adopting from a rescue you can save yourself a lot of money. When you adopt rabbit/s are normally fully vaccinated from deadly diseases. They will be neutered which does not only mean they can have a friend it also means that they are less likely to get health issues related to their reproductive anatomy. Doing this yourself will cost on average £150-£180 but it can cost a lot more.

When using a rescue, you will have a better understanding of the rabbit’s behaviour. Rescues will find you a rabbit/s that will suit you. Because rescue rabbits are with us prior to being put up for adoption we will have got to know the rabbits personally. We can then tell you about their personalities their likes an even their dislikes.

When adopting from a rescue they usually provide unlimited advice for life. They can help you though any issues or questions you have. Rescues deal with so many rabbits that they are knowledgeable with so many different health issues and other needs or care that rabbits require.

Most importantly when using a rescue, you are normally giving a rabbit/s a second chance. When you buy you are encouraging the breeding of more rabbits. Rescues across the UK have on average of 67,000 rabbits a year go through them. Why buy when there are so many already needing homes. Rescues will have rabbits of all ages. Just because a rabbit is older it doesn’t mean it doesn’t have the same amount of love to give. People tend to think if they buy a baby rabbit the bond will be better which isn’t correct. Older rabbits are just as loving and can bond with you just as much.

So think before you buy! Just because a rabbit is in a rescue it doesn’t mean it’s damaged goods. #adoptdontshop

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