Why do bunnies need so much space?

Our minimum housing requirements (as recommended by the Rabbit Welfare Association and Fund) are a 10ft by 6ft area that the bunnies need permanent access to. Some people are surprised that they need to provide so much space for their bunnies but we have these requirements for a valid reason.

In the wild bunnies often roam a few miles every day. Our pets love to hop, run and binky around just like their wild relatives. To be able to do this they need space. If you have had the pleasure of seeing your bunny binky and jump around you will see how high they jump and how fast they run. They cannot do this in a small area and therefore their natural behaviours are restricted.

Keeping bunnies in a space that is too small is unfair. They love to run around and can get very bored if they don’t have enough space. We believe that we are privileged to be able to have bunnies in our lives and should therefore do our best to give them the happiest life possible, which means giving them space.

There are also health consequences for bunnies kept in small spaces. The obvious one of these is obesity; Just like you and I, if bunnies don’t get enough exercise they can become obese.

As well as this, bunnies can develop bladder sludge. This can be more likely to develop if they are sitting still for too long and can also be a result of obesity.

There are plenty of ways to allow your bunny to have plenty of space. If they are indoors, consider bunny proofing your house and letting them free roam. For outdoor bunnies, you can use sheds, playhouses and runs and if you don’t have one large area you can always connect them via tunnels. Check out our bunny housing page for tips and ideas.

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