What to do if you suspect your bunny has gut stasis

Stasis is a condition in rabbits where their gut slows or shuts down and can be caused by an obstruction in the gut or a non-obstructive cause. It can be very painful and is potentially life threatening.

Main Signs:

  • Eating little/not at all
  • Smaller, fewer or no poos
  • Signs of pain including hunching up, grinding teeth and restlessness

What to do if you suspect your bunny has stasis:

  • Call the vet straight away – if your bunny hasn’t eaten or passed faeces in 12 hours this is an emergency
  • Tempt to eat or syringe feed with critical care
  • Offer water or syringe feed – it is important that your bunny is hydrated
  • Do not give gut stimulants without consulting a vet (this is dangerous if your bunny has a blockage)

Some ways to prevent stasis:

  • A diet of mainly good quality hay
  • Constant access to water
  • A large area to exercise
  • Minimise stress e.g. a sudden change in environment or food

Some bunnies are more predisposed to stasis than others, with only small things setting them off. Sometimes this can be due to an underlying cause, so we would recommend discussing this with your vet if your bunny is having repeat stasis episodes.

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