Supporting our rescue through the pandemic

The Littlest Lives Rescue are a completely self funded rescue. We rely on the good will of our followers to keep the rescue running.

Currently we mainly rescue and rehome rabbits. Rabbits are the 3rd most popular pet in the UK, and sadly the most neglected. On average 69,000 rabbits a year go through rescues. It’s estimated that about 96-97% of rabbits in the uk will never see a vet once in their whole life.

Because we are self funded, COVID has had a massive impact on our ability to fundraise, and has meant we need help from our supporters now more than ever. We usually offer rabbit and guinea pig boarding, rabbit bonding (making two or more bunnies become friends and doing it correctly) and of course fundraising events. This year we have probably missed out on close to £10,000 that we would usually raise.

How you can help

Can you volunteer?

Volunteering can take form in many different ways. Depending how much time you can afford and what you can do. This may look like:

  • Volunteering at the rescue – We need help cleaning, feeding and cuddling bunnies at the main centre on a daily basis.
  • Tip runs – Everything is biodegradable and disposed of in the garden waste section.
  • Food runs – We need help with hay runs from a farmer or a farm supplier shop. We also get offered free veggies from a green grocery in kingswood.
  • Providing leftover veg – Do you have an allotment and have too many cabbages? What do you do with your cauliflower leafs? Do you bin them? Because a bunny could help you get rid of them all!
  • Transport – Are you able to help with transportation of rabbits?  Or do you have a van that could help us transport hutch that’s been donated?

Can you foster?

Fostering is so rewarding. Are you able to offer a rabbit/s a temporary home at yours indoor or out while we try to find them their forever home?

You’ll need to get yourself to one of the three veterinary practices we use nearby. They offer us a discount to help us hence why we use these three mainly. Drop us an email or message and we can send you our fostering form.

Can you donate?

Are you able to spare £1? If so, please click our “donate” button.


Alternatively, you can buy our buns something from one of our wish lists:

Are you able to drop goods off to the main centre? For example; kitchen roll, hay, rabbit safe toys, pellets that we use, the list goes on and on. You can find most of the things rabbits can have on our wish lists, social media’s and website. Please do not buy anything with seeds, corn or chocolate. They may say ‘suitable for rabbits’ but they aren’t. If you aren’t sure of something please ask us!


Do you have any ideas on how to help us create more funds?
If you do drop us an email or message on Facebook.

  • Can you do a sponsored bike ride?
  • Are you creative?
  • Maybe you can donate something to be raffled or auctioned off.
  • We have some people donate a small portion of their profits to us. Is this something you could potentially do?
  • Can you create your own little fundraiser for us?

Get as creative as you like, we’re open to any ideas that we could try ourselves also.

Anything else?

Can you help in other ways.? Are you in marketing? Do you run a business? Are you a tradesperson who could fix a broken hutch for us? Do you write a blog? Could you do a piece on us or even just mention us and put our links? Are you a keen photographer and happy to spend an hour taking photos of the rabbits? (Of course this would include COVID restrictions).

If you think you could help the rescue in anyway please let us know.

If you can’t do any of the above, even supporting our social channels will help us reach more people.

Like our Instagram;

Like us on Twitter;

Follow us on Facebook:

And most importantly share share share! You are more than welcome to share and post any of the information on our social media and website as one of our main priorities at the rescue is awareness and education.

By sharing our material you are potentially educating someone, finding a pair of rabbits a future home, encouraging someone to donate or volunteer and you can do all that with just one click.

If you have a social platform and would like to help spread the word of what we do here or get involved with us let us know.

On top of all this, if you’d be interested in adopting and rehoming rabbits get in contact, all our requirements are on our website.

You can contact us through email:

Or on Facebook messenger

Thank you so much for your support!

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