Rabbit Adoption

Thinking of adding a pet to your family, then rabbit adoption maybe for you. We wouldn’t be able to carry on our rescue work without our lovely adoptees and we are always looking for perfect families to take on our deserving animals. Whether you are a first-time bunny owner or have owned rabbits for years, we welcome you to adopt!

We understand how easy it can be to pick up a cute little fluffy from a pet store but please do think about our cute fluffies too! We always have a wide range of rabbits to suit any home! Whether it’s a match up for your lonely bunny or a pair/group to welcome into the family, we will never be short of animals who need a second chance to be loved! We often have a wide range of ages and personalities from 8 weeks – 10 years, from cuddly to grumpy!

Please visit our animals for adoption page to view all our bunnies that need re-homing.

To make an enquiry about adoption please fill in our online form.

Bunny adoption

The benefits of adopting a rabbit from The Littlest Lives Rescue


Some rabbits will already be litter trained, saving you time from having to litter train your new bunny from scratch. Many of our rabbits are older and a great thing about this is that in most cases they will already be used to spending time around people.

Only two will do

We do not re-home rabbits alone as they are highly social animals that need company of their own kind. Our bunnies are available to adopt in pairs or as a match up to single/lonely/bereaved bunny.

Save on costs

A rescue bunny could save you money overall, as all our rabbits are neutered and vaccinated before being rehomed. You will need to carry on providing yearly vaccinations for your bunny.

Healthy bunnies

All our rabbits are health checked by a vet before being rehomed and any ailments are highlighted and discussed (if applicable) as part of the adoption process.

A good deed

Providing a loving home for an adopted bunny is a brilliant thing to do! Most times a change in circumstances for owners can result in a bunny being surrendered to us, and through no fault of their own, they are left to find a new furever home.

Expert advice available

We are highly knowledgeable and can help provide information on how to properly care for your new fluffy family member to ensure a rewarding, long-term relationship.

Our Adoption Process

To keep it simple, we have a 5-step process

1. Contact Us

If you fall in love with a bunny/ies on our adoption page or Facebook then please fill in our Application Adoption Form

2. Discussion

We like to match our bunnies to the perfect owner, so the next step is for us to get in contact with you to give you more information and also give you the chance to ask questions.

3. Home Check

This isn’t as scary as it seems. We have a check list and set minimum requirements for space needed when housing your new bunnies. If you aren’t sure we will go through everything with you and we have some great ideas on our accommodation ideas page.

4. Reservation

Once all the checks have been made, you will get the opportunity to meet the bunny/bunnies, which may be at the main rescue centre or with one of our foster families. If you feel that you can give our bunny/bunnies a good home then you will be able to reserve at this point.

If they need vaccinations or neutering then they will be free to go after they are have healed. If they are ready to go straight away, then we allow two weeks to get organised and arrange for collection (Please note: if we do not hear from you within the two weeks, then we reserve the right to put the bunny/bunnies in question back up for adoption).

5. Adoption

The best bit! When picking up your new family members, you’ll need a suitable carrier. You’ll need to fill in and sign an adoption form and make payment. You will also receive their vaccination cards and any other paperwork they may have. Then you free to take them home!

Adoption Fees

Our rabbit adoption fee may seem higher than that of a pet store but is in place to ensure we can send our bunnies to good homes. Our fee of £75 per rabbit covers the cost of their vaccinations against Myxomatosis/VHD1 and VHD2, neutering, and sometimes other medical treatment.

All adoption fees go directly back to the rescue as this helps towards the cost of more animals in need. We make absolutely no profit and make a loss of roughly £50 on every bunny re-homed, but they all deserve to be happy!