Project Description



Age: 6 months old

DoB: September 2020 

Valentino is a beautiful grey bunny with a giant pompom tail. He is very adventurous, inquisitive, confident, energetic, happy go lucky bunny. Valentino’s favourite time is free roam time in the garden and in the living room, binkying and zoomies galore, constantly on the go, no inch left unexplored both horizontally and vertically! He feels most secure and comfortable knowing you are not too far away and will come check back with you on a regular basis. Once he’s finished exploring and chin rubbing everything and worn himself out from charging around getting in to every nook and cranny he can possibly find, he’ll eventually relax on the sofa.  

He’s cuddly and very happy to be handled and loves his nose rubs and being stroked. He’s always really happy to see you and will hop over to greet you and reach to be picked up for a cuddle. He’s fairly clean, he tends to do his business in one place now he’s fully settled in to his foster home. 

 Valentino is such an entertaining bunny sure to bring lots of laughter and you’ll be swooned with delight in his company. He’ll make a super addition to a loving home who has lots of time and attention to give to him, he absolutely deserves the best as he’s such a sweetheart. He is currently living outdoors but would be suited to an indoor or outdoor home. 

He will be neutered soon and then will be ready for his forever home with a neutered female/group of bunnies! Please fill out an adoption enquiry form if you are interested in adopting Valentino or any of our other bunnies: