Age: 2 years old

Meet Turbo!

Turbo is a lovely super cute adventurous little rabbit, he enjoys sniffing everything and hopping around his pen, running through and hopping over his tunnels! He really enjoys his natural environment and prefers to be outside of his hutch. He is clean and will use his litter tray but prefers to toilet outside. He is just starting to get a good appetite for food including his pellets & carrots, with his favourite being a fresh basil plant which he will devour straight away! When in the pen with Turbo he follows you around and sniffs your feet, he stops briefly to be stroked before hopping off again to explore! When allowed in the garden he is cautious and will keep returning to his pen but he is getting braver every day and loves to run around the grass and follow you round the garden! Turbo will make a lovely bunny pet and with time and confidence he will be your best friend, he especially loves a rub under the chin! 

Turbo is currently living outdoors but would also adjust to being an indoor bunny. Please fill out an adoption enquiry form if you are interested in adopting Turbo or any of our other bunnies: https://thelittlestlivesrescue.org.uk/adoption-enquiry-form/