Project Description



Age: 4 years old

Meet Truffle! 

Truffle is a gorgeous 4 year old black dwarf bunny, with big eyes and a couple of little accents of white on her nose and 1 foot. She is a super friendly indoor bun, who loves company, and has quickly warmed to her foster family. Like most rabbits, she doesn’t enjoy being picked up, but she loves long head massages and ear tickles. She’s good at eating her hay and pellets, and likes plenty of things to chew on.  

Truffle is vaccinated, and has been given a full bill of health from the vet. She will be ready to meet a new bun friend or friends and looking for her forever home once she has been neutered. Unfortunately she does have some weight to lose before she can be booked in for her neutering but we are hoping now she is on the right diet this won’t take too long! Please fill out an adoption enquiry form if you are interested in adopting Truffle or any of our other bunnies: