Project Description



Age: 1 year old

Meet Tinkerbell . 

Tinkerbell is a 1 year old cross breed bunny who came to us with 10 other bunnies from a hoarding situation. Tinkerbell was very overweight when she came to us but is now on a diet and is gradually losing weight. 

She is a very nosy, inquisitive bunny. She is always cleaning herself and spends a lot of time standing up on her back legs to get a better look at what is going on. She’s growing in confidence but is still wary sometimes of loud noises and not sure about her foster Mum’s dog. She loves a cuddle and is very sweet. 

She is currently an outdoor bunny so will be able to be adopted to an indoor or outdoor home. She is still on pregnancy watch just to be sure as we aren’t quite sure of whether she was allowed to mix with unneutered males in her previous home. She will then be neutered and vaccinated and will be looking for a home with a neutered male/pair/trio. 

Please fill out an adoption enquiry form if you are interested in this gorgeous girl: