Project Description



Age: 1 year old 

Meet Teddy!

Teddy is a beautiful dwarf chocolate lop. He is a very quiet and gentle little man, who is slowly becoming braver and coming out of his shell.

Although fairly timid he does like to have a nosey when we’re cleaning him out and tries to help and shows off by pushing his ball around everywhere 🙂

He is fairly good with being picked up and will tolerate a cuddle. We’re working on the nose rubs and getting him to trust us a little more.

He is very interested in the other bunnies and loves to sit and watch what they are up to, so really think he wants a friend or two to cuddle up to.

Teddy has been neutered and vaccinated, and is looking for a wifebun or group of buns to cuddle up with. Please fill out an adoption enquiry form if you are interested in adopting Teddy or any of our other bunnies: