Project Description

Stevie, Shadow, Panda and Sky


Age: Stevie and Shadow are 2 years and 8 months old. Panda and Sky are 1 year and 6 months old

Meet the quad!

Stevie – As the only husbun, is overrun with girls! He is toffee coloured, very caring and was originally bonded with Shadow before becoming a quad. He is very timid and does try and hide when you go near him but is very gentle.

Shadow – Is a beautiful grey and white bunny, who was timid to start off with but is now finding her feet and will come to say hello when it’s feeding time and also to have a nose if you are in their enclosure.

Panda – Is the bravest of all them, she is white with black ears and patches around her eyes. She is extremely inquisitive and loves to know exactly what is going on. She was originally bonded with Sky (previously know as Bigwig) before becoming a quad.

Sky  – Is the scaredy cat of all four. She is extremely timid but we are working on bringing her out of her shell. She has a beautiful white maine and the most gorgeous blue eyes, hence the new name Sky.





All four must be kept together as a bonded group as they have a very strong bond and are extremely caring towards each other. It is no mean feat looking after 4 bunnies, so you’ll need to be able to give them plenty of time and will also need a very large set up, preferably outdoors.

They have only been with the rescue a short time so once we get to know them a little more, we will update their details.

The quad are all neutered and are being vaccinated in September. Please fill out an adoption enquiry form if you are interested in adopting the quad or any of our other bunnies: