Project Description

Rosa and Newton


Age: 5 years old

Meet Rosa and Newton! 

Our adorable pair of sweet Rosa and her adventurous brother Newton are two fawn coloured mini lops. If the two of them are not snuggled up in their hutch, they love hopping around in their garden pen. Newton is a very inquisitive and always exploring yet cautious little bunny who loves having a run around. Our confident lady Rosa loves to stroll through her pen while munching on the grass. She loves being groomed by her brother but will also calmly sit having cuddles by her two-legged owners once she knows you better. Newton is less keen on being handled or picked up. 

They are truly outdoor bunnies that need access to an outdoor area for plenty of exercise. They are vaccinated and neutered. Please fill out an adoption enquiry form if you are interested in adopting Rosa and Newton or any of our other bunnies: