Project Description

Princy and Bindy


Age: 7 & 4 years old

Meet Princy and Bindy.

Princy and Bindy are an adventurous pair, very curious and love exploring. They both love their veg and hay. Bindy is a bit nervous and doesn’t like being picked up but is happy to hop around while you are with them. Princy is fine with strokes and is the braver of the two. Both are vocal buns, so you will know how they are feeling! 

Princy and Bindy are vaccinated and neutered so are all ready for their new home. They are looking for an indoor or outdoor home but can be a bit destructive so it would need to be fully bunny proofed. Please fill out an adoption enquiry form if you are interested in adopting this gorgeous pair or any of our other bunnies: