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Age: 1 year old

Meet Pipper 🐰 

Pipper is a 1-year-old lionhead bunny. She was rescued by us and on the way back to the rescue to our surprise she gave birth! Sadly, she rejected her babies and they passed away overnight despite our best efforts. She is doing really well in foster care you would never know the stress she’s been through! 

She is not yet vaccinated or neutered but will be having this done soon before she can be rehomed. She is currently living outdoors so will be looking for an indoor or outdoor home with a neutered male/pair/trio or more! 

Pipper is the binky queen, she’s super inquisitive and likes to have a nose around the garden/house. She is super friendly and reminds her foster Mum of an excitable puppy! She likes to have a head rub but doesn’t like to be handled. She’s a great hay eater and will happily sit and munch all day long. She really is a bundle of joy! 

Please fill out an adoption enquiry form if you are interested in adopting Pipper or any of our other bunnies: