Project Description



DoB: March 2021

Meet Pickle!

Pickle has been living indoors with his foster mum and is used to having lots of space to run around and play. He has lots of energy and loves doing zoomies around the flat. He has picked his favourite spot on the sofa where he loves to take naps and also watch everything that’s going on! Pickle is a very sweet and affectionate bun and loves to cuddle, although he does not enjoy being picked up. When he wants a cuddle, he will hop up onto the sofa and pop his head down for head rubs, and in return he will spend lots of time grooming you! You can tell when he’s happy because he gets very twitchy- usually before he’s about to do a big binky! He’s very confident and is not shy of meeting new people, or exploring new places. 

Pickle is vaccinated but not yet neutered due to his age. He will be neutered before he can go to his forever home. He is currently living indoors but would also adjust to an outdoor home. Please fill out an adoption enquiry form if you are interested in adopting Pickle or any of our other bunnies: