Project Description



Age: 8 months old

Meet Phil.

Phil is an 8 month old lop who came to us from a hoarding situation with 9 other bunnies. He is currently having investigations and treatments with our vets because he has been drinking and urinating a lot since coming to us. He isn’t showing any other symptoms and his blood test came back fairly normal so is currently on treatment for EC to rule that out. He isn’t ready for adoption yet but that’s okay because that means more cuddle time for us!

Phil is a very inquisitive and happy bunny who loves to be around people. He craves attention and although he isn’t keen on being picked up he would sit by you for hours for head rubs! He has a lot of live to give and enjoys sitting and grooming his teddys so would make a great bunny companion to any further furry friends.

Once he is ready he will be looking for a home with a neutered female/pair/trio+. Please fill out an adoption enquiry form if you are interested in adopting Phil or any of our other bunnies: