Project Description

Penny and Peanut


Age: 6 and 2 years old

Details: Fully vaccinated and spayed. Will need an indoor home.

Meet Penny & Peanut.

Penny & Peanut are a beautiful bonded pair of buns. Penny is 6 and Peanut is 2 years old and they are both vaccinated and neutered. They came to us because their owner had to move abroad and they sadly couldn’t take the bunnies with them. Penny is a lionhead and Peanut is a mini rex. 

They are gentle and do not bite or scratch…other than Peanut giving you a tiny nip on the bum to move out of his way if you are sat on the floor in the wrong place! 

Peanut is the brave one of the two, who follows you round being nosey, and enjoys “helping” to clean out their bedroom. Definitely a cheeky chap! 

Penny is more shy, and currently not overly keen on humans getting close. Peanut is definitely her support, as she is much braver when he is next to her, showing her things are okay. She has been working with her foster mum on her confidence, and will now take dried apple treats from foster mum’s hand. With a bit more work she could be a confident bun. 

The pair are so amusing to watch. They love throwing their toys around, and when their daily portion of nuggets come out their excitement is a joy to see! (Penny forgets that she isn’t meant to like humans when the nuggets come out!). 

They are clearly vey keen to explore, as they run to the door of the room they are in as soon as it is opened. They are good escape artists, so if you plan to keep them in a pen at night, make sure it is very secure and cannot be chewed through! 

They are very good with keeping their toileting into the small area of their pen, and are mostly litter trained, but with a few wee puddles found outside of the tray. 

We have tested them with two very docile cats, and once they get to know the cats, they are fine. Peanut runs up to sniff noses and say hello as soon as he spots them. 

Whoever homes this pair will have many years of joyous company to come. 

Penny & Peanut are currently living indoors so will need an indoor home. Please fill out an adoption enquiry form if you are interested in this gorgeous pair: