Project Description

Penny and Gizmo


Age: 7 & 5 years old

Penny (up eared bun) is an older girl but you wouldn’t know it, she is very curious and is always the first to know when there is food around.  She is a pretty big girl and loves a good fuss and ear stroke, she loves leaping in the air with magnificent binkies where she goes straight up is the air! She loves her food and loves stealing it off of Gizmo mainly😂  

Gizmo (lop) is also very curious and is into everything, if there is something left on the floor he is likely to have jumped on it, or in it! He is a little shyer than Penny but is definitely coming out of his shell and is very enthusiastic about everything! They both have a very close bond and even on the hottest days they love nothing than snuggling as close as they can get to each other.❤️ 

Penny and Gizmo are vaccinated and neutered so are all ready for their new home. They are looking for an indoor or outdoor home. Please fill out an adoption enquiry form if you are interested in adopting this gorgeous pair or any of our other bunnies: