Project Description

Pearl and Snow


Age: Approx 2 years old

Details: Fully vaccinated and spayed. Will need an indoor or outdoor home 

Meet Pearl and Snow! 

Pearl and Snow are a gorgeous bonded pair of girls who are so full of character. Pearl is a rex bunny and is definitely the boss of the pair! She loves a head rub and will melt down and stay there for hours while you give her affection.  

Snow is a dwarf lop and is much shyer and still very nervous around people. She is coming out of her shell and will boop your hand and take food from you but doesn’t like to be touched at all yet.  

Both girls are so full of energy and love to run around getting up to mischief, Both of them, particularly Pearl, absolutely love to dig so they will need a secure enclosure in their forever home! Their favourite is grass and they will happily let you pick it for them to munch on all day long. 

The girls are currently living outdoors and we think they would suit an outdoor home. They need to be vaccinated and then will be ready for adoption. Please fill out an adoption enquiry form if you are interested in adopting Pearl and Snow or any of our other bunnies: