Project Description



Age: 10 months old

Date of Birth:  April 2020 

Meet Patch!

Patch is a gorgeous cross breed bunny who has been vaccinated and just needs neutering before she will be looking for her forever home. She is currently living outdoors but would suit an indoor or outdoor home with a neutered male/group of bunnies. 

You can’t help but notice her striking and colourful markings/patches (hence her name)! She was nervous to begin with, but her confidence is growing every day! She is inquisitive and loves to have the run of the garden and wasn’t fazed by her foster carers cat! She only likes to be handled on her terms, but will happily hop back into the hutch when there is fresh vegetables waiting! She likes to have a nose rub and a smooth once she gets to know you. She likes to chew willow sticks and will happily take them from you. 

Please fill out an adoption enquiry form if you are interested in adopting Patch or any of our other bunnies: