Project Description

Patch and Shadow


Age: 2 years old

Patch and Shadow are an adorable pair. Both rather shy and timid at this early stage. They are super sweet and pop their heads out of their hutches to see what’s going on or whether or not your bringing food over. They will happily eat food out of your hand and seem to become a little more interested in human company but this is definitely on their terms. Shadow seems to be more curious. They absolutely love eating their pellets and hay, especially Shadow. She will toss all the food out of the bowl and act like a race between her and Patch to see who can hoover up the pellets the fastest. Sometimes if they are given treats shadow seems to either hide or loose hers then chase Patch to have her piece. 

Patch and Shadow are vaccinated, neutered and ready for their forever home. They are currently living indoors, so will need an indoor home. Please fill out an adoption enquiry form if you are interested in adopting Patch and Shadow or any of our other bunnies: