Project Description



Age: 1 year old

Moon is simply the sweetest little bunny. 

Sadly, 3 weeks into her bond, her forever bun fell ill and had to be put to sleep. This left Moon once again single and desperate for her happy ending.  

She’s a little pocket rocket, loves Zoomies and she binkies at every opportunity she gets. She’s incredibly inquisitive but will also join you on the sofa or sit by your side for head rubs and snuggles. She’s only 1 and so she has tonnes of energy but she does enjoy a good flop. She’s got no particular favourite spot so will just flip over wherever she sees fit at the time, revealing her adorable white tum! Her favourite toy is currently a cardboard box, so she’s easy to please. 

She’s good to handle and is perfectly litter trained. If you need to find her, simply shake the treat jar, call her name and she’ll come running! 

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