Project Description



Date of Birth: June 2021 

Meet monty! 

Monty is very cute and cheeky. He loves to run around the garden and binky, he has a habit of getting to places he shouldn’t but always comes back when called. He’s very happy to have a tickle and a scratch and will eventually, once he gets to know you, have a cuddle. He definitely has this “favourite” people but it’s not hard to win his affection, and once you have it he repays you with lots of attention. 

He’s very brave and loves to investigate and climb up on to things, the higher the better. He also really enjoys dragging his dustpan and brush around the patio. He’s a fussy boy when it comes to food and is very particular about his greens, his favourites are spinach, watercress and rocket. If he doesn’t like something he’ll let you know by throwing it down the stairs of his hutch! Monty will be a fantastic companion for someone looking for an active rabbit to sit back and watch binky whilst enjoying a tea/coffee and the occasional snuggle. 

Monty is now reserved but please fill out an adoption enquiry form if you are interested in adopting  any of our other bunnies: