Project Description


On Trial

Age: 2 years old

Martha is a 2 year old gorgeous dutch rabbit who came to us from a hoarding situation with 10 other bunnies.

She is a sassy and inquisitive bun who loves to know what’s going on at all times! She’s a nuisance for jumping in the bucket with all the poop when being cleaned out and running off with the dust pan and brush! She loves head tickles (when it suits her) and being hand fed my favourite treats but gives you plenty of grunts and warning when she’s eating her nuggets, not even head rubs are aloud!

She’s always by your side whatever your doing, booping your legs just to let you know she’s there! Her favourite part of the day is going out on the grass where she binkies around for hours… Definitely a gymnast in her past life!

She is being neutered this month and then will be ready to go for bonding 🙂

Martha is currently reserved but please fill out an adoption form if you are interested in adopting any of our other bunnies: