Project Description

Margot and Lola


Date of Birth: March 2020 

Meet Margot and Lola! 

Margot (black and white) is the bravest of the pair, always first to the food and to investigate what’s going on. She loves to run around crazy in the garden and is always full of energy! 

Lola (grey) is the more timid of the two but once you get down to her level she becomes very curious and loves short gentle rubs on the head. This pair will need lots of time and one on one to bond with their new humans but once that trust is given it will not be lost. They are a very gentle, loving pair that will make their new family very happy. They are currently on a diet as their love for food has no end!  

The girls are vaccinated, neutered and ready for their new home. They would suit an indoor or outdoor home but are currently living outdoors. 

Please fill out an adoption enquiry form if you are interested in adopting Margot and Lola or any of our other bunnies: