Project Description

Marbles and Pixie


Age: 5 years old

Marbles and Pixie are a gorgeous pair of bunnies. Marbles is super inquisitive, he loves to come and say hello and there is absolutely no way you can get away with not giving him a nose rub. Although a bundle of energy he is really chilled and loved to flop out. Pixie on the other hand is very shy, potters about in her own little world and is not that bothered about people but she loves Marbles! They have a strong bond and he protects her and makes it known that she is his and no-one elses!!! They are both funny little characters and love their food

They are currently living indoors. They are not quite ready but once vaccinated they will be looking for their forever home. Please fill out an adoption enquiry form if you are interested in adopting Marbles and Pixie or any of our other bunnies: