Project Description

Luna and Oreo


Age: 1 year old 

Meet Luna and Oreo!

Luna is a gorgeous rex and Oreo is an english spot, both beautiful bunnies!

Oreo is the most confident with people and will come running up and climb on her foster family’s laps and loves a head rub while she’s there! She always comes running to the edge of her pen when she hears her foster family arrive home. Luna is the most fun to watch finding foods in her run and is ridiculously strong on her back legs. She is happy to be stroked but is more easily spooked than Oreo (usually by new objects or smells) and is less confident when in the house than she is outdoors but we suspect she would adapt to being indoors if necessary, as she’s certainly growing in confidence. They’re both still very lovely and continuing to use the litter trays. They eat their hay well and we’ve not found a rabbit friendly plant that they won’t eat with enthusiasm! 

The girls are currently living outdoors but would also adjust to an indoor home. They are vaccinated and will need to be neutered before they will be ready for adoption. Please fill out an adoption enquiry form if you are interested in adopting these gorgeous girls or any of our other bunnies: