Project Description

Lily and Benny


Age: 5 and 3 years old

Meet Lily and Benny! 

Lily and Benny are very confident outgoing buns who love exploring and binkying. 

Lily (the brindle bun) is around 5 years old and loves leaping in the air with magnificent binkies, she will also sit for hours having a stroke. 

Benny is around 3 years old and isn’t too keen on being fussed, however, he will happily take food from your hand and loves entertaining us by throwing his toys around and playing in his cardboard box. 

They both love their food and run round and round in circles in anticipation. They are very friendly sweet bunnies and are very well litter trained. They are currently living indoors but we think they’d also live happily in an outdoor set up. 

Please fill out an adoption enquiry form if you are interested in adopting Lily and Benny or any of our other bunnies: