Project Description

Lavender and Chester


Age: 3 and 2 years

Details: Chester is neutered. Will need an indoor home. 

Meet the most gorgeous pair of bunnies, Lavender and Chester. Both rabbits were rescues, and have been together for over 18 months and are inseparable.

Lavender is 3 year old lionhead. She has a beautiful temperament, loves being the centre of attention and being fussed. She will happily be held and cuddled and will jump up on the sofa for some attention. As Lavender is a lionhead and is extremely fluffy, she needs to be brushed often to prevent her coat from matting.

Chester is a 2 year old harlequin lop who is neutered. He is quite nervous around people but is very gentle and just tries to hide if you try to fuss him. He loves Lavender though and grooms her all the time.

As both have always been kept indoors, they will need an indoor setup, preferably free roam. Both will be ready once Lavender has been spayed and both have had their vaccinations.

If you would like more information or are interested in adopting Lavender and Chester, please do email us at