DoB: November 2021

Ivory came to us from the horrible hoarding conditions where she was being kept with multiple other bunnies without hay or water in their own filth. 

After being rescued, Ivory has been growing in confidence every day. Ivory remains a little cautious yet inquisitive and keen to know what is going on! With unconditional love, I’m sure Ivory will continue to blossom.  

Her favourite treat is a good handful of dandelion leaves. We know she is desperate for company because she comes alive when there are other bunnies nearby. 

Ivory is very nosey and loves to be on the lookout, and could be likened to a meerkat at times! She enjoys hiding in cardboard boxes and playing with her toys. 

Ivory is vaccinated, neutered and looking for a forever home with a friend or two. Se is currently living outdoors but would also suit an indoor home. Please fill out an adoption enquiry form if you are interested in adopting Ivory or any of our other bunnies: https://thelittlestlivesrescue.org.uk/adoption-enquiry-form/