Project Description



Age: 3 months old

Grace is a 3 month old lionhead cross bunny who came to us because he was part of an accidental litter.

Grace hasn’t been with us for long, but he has already made a big impression. As he’s settled in, he is becoming much less nervous and gaining confidence each day. He runs straight over to her foster family as soon as they open his pen and he often climbs on their laps and runs around doing lots of binkies! He is very athletic and fast-moving. He seems particularly excited when he has an audience!

He would rather be active than sitting on somebody’s lap but he loves attention and is happy to be stroked. He has a few toys in his enclosure which he likes to investigate and throw around and he also likes trying to attack the dustpan!

Grace is a beautiful baby bunny with a lot of character. He will certainly bring a lot of fun into the life of whoever is lucky enough to adopt him.

He is being vaccinated this month and then will be ready to be adopted to live with a neutered female/pair/trio+ until he is old enough to be neutered (this will be done through our vets and included in the adoption fee). Please fill out an adoption enquiry form if you are interested in adopting Grace or any of our other bunnies: