Fiver and Shadow


Age: 3 years old

The sweetest boys you’ll ever meet – Fiver and Shadow are the perfect gentlemen. These two brothers are soft and gentle, always keen to see what the humans are doing and love a head rub.  

Fiver is the most confident of the two, he’s always the first to hop up and say hello, but like his namesake, Shadow is never far behind his brother and has built up his confidence with his foster family.  

These buns are so appreciative of a new toy, they love to explore and don’t mind at all when their foster family sits with them to watch what they get up to – it’s fun to explore humans too!  

Fiver and Shadow see the fun in everything, and they really do enjoy spending time outside and stretching their legs. They’ve got an impressive binky and can’t wait to meet their new family where they can show off their bunny skills. 

The boys are fully vaccinated and neutered and ready for their forever home. Please fill out an adoption enquiry form if you are interested in adopting Shadow and Fiver or any of our other bunnies: