Project Description



Age: 18 months old

Meet Esmae!

Esmae is a very affectionate, active bunny with a huge personality. She will always come running for a head rub and chatters her teeth in contentment while you give one. If she’s pleased to see some one she will circle them binkying before settling down for a head rub. She runs huge laps of zoomies for ages and is hilarious to watch. She always gets stuck in with new activities and will throw toys in the air. 

She is very confident, even with people she’s only just met and has won the hearts of all of our visitors who all exclaim “I can’t believe that rabbit!” We were told that she’d frequently shown aggression to children but with extra care and caution during introductions we haven’t experienced any concerns with our young children or any visiting children – she’ll take a head rub from anyone! 

We think she really deserves a home where she will have lots of time and space for her zoomies with a doting husbun/friends available for snuggles day and night and a person who is ready for their heart and home to be taken over by a very special bun. Esmae is soon to be vaccinated and neutered and then she will be looking for an indoor home. Please fill out an adoption enquiry form if you are interested in adopting Esmae or any of our other bunnies: