Age: 18 months old

Meet Esmae!

Esmae is a phenomenal, super-charged rabbit. Overflowing with personality, everything about her is on another level. She’s loving, playful and hugely entertaining, yet also complex, intense and not afraid to express herself. 

Her zoomies are the stuff of legends, she’s confident, inventive and so athletic. She is always focused on doing something, whether it is an activity provided by humans or one made up by herself. She does take a break when the sun comes out, she loves to bask and flop out before her normal service resumes. 

Esmae doesn’t do anything by halves and this includes affection, she will binky when she sees you, jump onto your lap and melt into a purring state of pure bliss when you give her a head rub. She likes to rearrange cushions, blankets or your clothing, there’s never a dull moment with Esmae around. 

We’re finding she is very well suited to living in a designated rabbit room where she can make her own rules but think she could equally enjoy transitioning to an outdoor set up. We can see her thriving in a knowledgeable home with people who have a willingness to navigate whatever she may throw at them. She’s not the simplest of rabbits, but she’s totally worth it! 

We think she really deserves a home where she will have lots of time and space for her zoomies with a doting husbun/friends available for snuggles day and night and a person who is ready for their heart and home to be taken over by a very special bun. Please fill out an adoption enquiry form if you are interested in adopting Esmae or any of our other bunnies: