Project Description



Age: 2 years old

Details: Approx Feb 2019 

Meet Duncan! 

Duncan is one adorable fluffy cloud of a bunny. He is very inquisitive, always sniffing about new objects and giving them rub with his chin to show his appreciation. Duncan will come up for a little nosey of your hand to see if you’ve got anything for him.  

He is happy to be held for a cuddle and especially likes head rubs. His favourite activity is playing in the garden where he loves running about and playing with boxes and tunnels. Duncan settled down quite quickly into his foster home, but he is very friendly so we are looking forward to him finding his forever home and another bunny for him to play with. 

Duncan is waiting to be neutered and then will be looking for his forever home with a neutered female/group of bunnies. Please fill out an adoption enquiry form if you are interested in adopting Duncan or any of our other bunnies: