Age: 5 years old

Meet Doris.

Doris has settled well into her foster home. She is gaining confidence everyday however still enjoys finding lots of places to hide when out free roaming and likes to stay close to a hidey. Although she requires encouragement to come and socialise, she does enjoy a head rub and bunny treats! 

She is toilet trained and uses her litter tray well – on occasions she shows her cheeky personality and throws it around.  

Doris is currently an indoor rabbit, having the foster home lounge to roam freely and finds hideaways to chill and flop out in. Doris also has the use of an outdoor run for her to explore the touch of the grass and enjoy some sunshine. 

Doris is neutered and is being vaccinated soon. She would greatly benefit from a bunny companion to socialise and cuddle up with and is ready to meet her forever family. 

Please fill out an adoption enquiry form if you are interested in adopting Doris or any of our other bunnies: