Project Description



DoB: Oct 2020 

Meet Crumpet!

Crumpet is a very sweet and gentle blue-eyed bun. It is a joy to watch her growing in confidence, she can be cautious and tentative at first but is discovering more ways to rabbit happiness each day.   

Crumpet loves to eat grass and has become adventurous trying a variety of foods. She enjoys sitting in her run, especially on warm days and has found the best place to perch. She likes running around searching for nuggets and is always on hand to ‘help’ with cleaning. She wasn’t sure about hay to begin with but has now decided it’s quite nice. 

We feel we’ve only really scratched the surface with her confidence and are sure her adoptive family will be lucky enough to see her really blossom and relax fully, especially with some rabbit friends/a friend for moral support. 

Crumpet is now vaccinated and neutered and is ready for her forever home. She is currently living outdoors but would also adjust well to an indoor home with a neutered bunny/group of bunny friends. Please fill out an adoption enquiry form if you are interested in adopting Crumpet or any of our other bunnies: