Project Description



DoB: June 2020 

Meet Cottontail! 

Cottontail is an inquisitive bunny who likes to be the centre of attention. She loves company and also to be out in her run; She’s a great lawnmower! She makes us laugh every day, she is so sweet natured and lovely to be around. She loves a game of ball too! 

Her foster Mum is currently trying to toilet train her and she’s starting to get there. She’s not so keen on being handled but likes to be stroked and have the occasional nose to nose rub and will even jump on your lap. She’s a happy bunny and loves to show you by wagging her tail, jumping and binky around! 

She has just been neutered and once recovered she will be vaccinated and then will be ready for her forever home with a neutered male or group of bunnies. She is currently living outdoors but would also be happy in a spacious indoor home. Please fill out an adoption enquiry form if you are interested in adopting Cottontail or any of our other bunnies: