Project Description



DoB: August 2021 

Meet Coco! 

Coco is a very well behaved, cute and funny bunny. He is very curious about new things and he will always love exploring a new place; If he is put into a new room then we will make sure he sniffs out every corner of it and not leave one step unturned! 

He loves food, especially his favourite pellets. Whenever the food bag is showed in the morning he will start hopping around everywhere. He has got such a big personality, and he is so funny to watch. 

He is currently an outdoor bunny, but would also adjust to an indoor home. He is fully vaccinated and is being neutered this month. Once he has recovered from his neutering he will be looking for a forever home with a neutered friend/group of friends. Please fill out an adoption enquiry form if you are interested in adopting Coco or any of our other bunnies: