Project Description

Carrot and Tufts


Age: 6 & 5 years old

Meet Carrot and Tufts (Captain Carrot and Baroness Von Tufts to give them their full names!) 

Carrot – Carrot is a super friendly, funny bun. He is happy to be held and stroked by you and is very dopey. He loves his food and will come charging up to you at full pelt just to take the food from your hand. He loves time roaming in the garden and after every few minutes will flop down to have a rest as he’s tired!  

Tufts – Tufts is the shyer of the two. She is much more reluctant to be held but once you’ve gained her trust will sit with you and may even give you a lick. She also likes her food and will happily take food from you. She really comes out of her shell during free roam and bounces around the garden enjoying all of the space.  

Both bunnies are very friendly and get on very well. They both love long tunnels and enjoy climbing on-top of their outdoor hides for a sunbathe. They enjoy free roam and are very good at returning to their pen but are equally as happy bouncing around their run in the garden. 

Carrot and Tufts are vaccinated and neutered so are all ready for their new home. They are looking for an outdoor home where they have access to plenty of grass and preferably some supervised free roam time. Please fill out an adoption enquiry form if you are interested in adopting Carrot and Tufts or any of our other bunnies: