Project Description



Age: 3 months old

Meet Calli.

Calli (short for Calliope) is a gorgeous 3 month old lionhead girl. She is being vaccinated next week and then will be neutered at our vets once she has been rehomed (at 5 months old). 

She is a very sweet natured girl. She is still a bit timid and skittish around people but she is getting slowly more confident and will come up for a quick sniff of your hand to see if you’ve got any treats for her. She is very inquisitive and likes to stand on her two back legs so she can have a peer about to see what’s going on around her. 

She is looking for an indoor or outdoor home with a neutered male/pair/trio+. Please fill out an adoption enquiry form if you are interested in adopting Calli or any of our other bunnies: