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DoB: 7 February 2021

Meet Buzz!

Little baby Buzz may only be 12 weeks old but he’s a brave little bun ready to investigate everything. Buzz loves nothing more than using his foster parents as a climbing frame, but if he can find something higher to climb that’s where you’ll find him!  

He doesn’t mind a cuddle but will be a bit hesitant if you want to stroke him, build some trust and he’ll be a loyal bun. The best part of the day for Buzz is when the sun is shining high, he becomes an instant sun worshipper If he gets out for a supervised roam of the garden he will instantly turn it into a racetrack, zooming round the garden at high speeds with the occasional binky! 

Buzz hasn’t been neutered yet but once he has he will be looking for an indoor or outdoor home with a neutered female or group of bunnies. Please fill out an adoption enquiry form if you are interested in adopting Buzz or any of our other bunnies: