Project Description



Age: 6 months old

Details: Will need an indoor home without children 

Meet Bruno.

Bruno is about 6 months old and once neutered will be looking for an indoor home with a neutered female/pair/trio or more! He is best suited to an indoor home without children. 

Bruno is such a wonderful and funny character – his foster Mum spends hours just watching him! He is active, full of binkies and likes to explore absolutely everything. Take a shower? He’ll pop in and nose about the bathroom whilst you do!  Cooking – he will wonder about the kitchen waiting for you.  

He likes company, so when you chill out on the sofa he will bunny flop by your feet. He likes a good rub and freedom from his hutch whenever possible. He also will let you know with a stomp or two if he doesn’t like something and enjoys his quiet mellow time. He will hop onto your lap but as he’s quite active, he’s quickly off nosing about again! 

Please fill out an adoption enquiry form if you are interested in adopting Bruno or any of our other bunnies: