DoB: 27 October 2021

Meet Brioche!

Brioche is the most loving rabbit you could ever wish to meet, she will wash you, fall asleep in your arms and follow you around snuggling up for hours of head rubs.  

She’s got quite a chilled out, gentle nature, she loves to free roam and be involved in whatever is going on. She enjoys loafing in the middle of a room or snuggling next to people on the sofa. 

Besides being very loving, Brioche is exceptionally cute and really knows how to work it if you think you can get away with eating fruit and veg in front of her. Just when you think you have seen her cutest pose or expression, she comes up with something else! 

She likes to explore, has a varied appetite and is confident with household noises. We would love to see her go to a home where her new human and bunny family will really appreciate her loving nature and give her the level of companionship she deserves. 

Brioche is vaccinated and, once neutered, will be looking for an indoor home with a bunny friend/group of friends. Please fill out an adoption enquiry form if you are interested in adopting Brioche or any of our other bunnies: