Billy – Private Rehome


Age: 6 years old

Private rehome. This rehome is slightly unusual in that we will be helping the current owner but she would like to carry out the home checks and continue the adoption process with the new owner once in contact. 

Bio written by billy’s current owner: 

Meet Billy!

Billy’s partner, Snowy, very sadly died recently and he is lost and lonely without her and needs a new female friend! I would love to find a new knowledgeable home for him where he has lots of indoor and outdoor space, which must be fox proof. 

Billy is a gorgeous apricot and white dwarf lop. He is aged about 6 and was a rescue found in a garden in Exeter and handed in to the RSPCA there. He has no health issues apart from being rather fat as he was eating most of Snowy’s food too! He has been neutered and is up to date with his vaccinations. 

He is used to tonnes of space with access to two 12’ x 12’ stables which are joined together with a pophole and a permanent foxproofed run attached which is about 30’ x 20’.  

He is a very sweet curious rabbit and I think you could make him very friendly within a short space of time but at the moment, he has not been handled that much and does not like being picked up very much. However, I think he would definitely appreciate some love and interaction with humans so an indoor environment might be fine as long as he had access to the outside as well. 

He would need some veg and good quality hay every day and to be carefully looked after. I would like to do a homecheck myself and if the home is suitable, to take him directly to the new home to settle in and then be bonded. If you don’t have neutral space to bond them, I could do it here, but would prefer not to. I would be willing to drive within a 2 hour radius of DT2 but am reluctant to go any further as the journey will be stressful for him.