Benny and Blossom


Age: 1.5 years old

Benny and Blossom love to come and say hello to you mainly because they think treats might be involved.  They are very much in love and spend hours cuddled up to each other and grooming.  They can get a little competitive around food but this settles down once the food is gone! Needless to say they are good with all food especially greens and hay. 

Both enjoy a good nap and have given their foster Mum a heart attack many times when she’s found them flopped! 

Benny loves a cuddle and ear rub whereas blossom is a bit more timid.  She is coming out of her shell and with time and patience hopefully she will be right with benny headbutting you for a cuddle! 

Benny and Blossom are vaccinated, neutered and ready for their forever home. They are currently living outdoors but would probably adjust well to an indoor home too. Please fill out an adoption enquiry form if you are interested in adopting Benny and Blossom or any of our other bunnies: