Batgirl and Roo


Age: 5 & 4 years old 

Meet Batgirl and Roo! 

Batgirl and Roo are a lovely pair of bunnies with big personalities.  

They love spending time outside in the garden eating grass, binkying and flopping in the flower beds.  

They love enrichment and are great fun to watch as they play with stack cups, treat balls, rip up cardboard, dig in their dig box or go through their tunnels.  

They need a home where their environment will be changed regularly. They like to explore their surrounding with their mouths and therefore a bunny proofed area will be required as nothing will be safe if they can reach it!  

Batgirl is very food orientated and looooves bananas. She likes to be smoothed and will always come over to say hello once she knows you.  

Roo comes across a little more reserved but again once he knows you he’s happy to spend time with you on his terms. He’s a very active bun and produces some spectacular binky displays.  

These buns will light up anyone’s life given the chance, and will repay them with endless entertainment. They need a home where their minds are stimulated and plenty of space to keep off those extra pounds! 

The bunnies are vaccinated, neutered and ready for their forever home. They are currently living outdoors and we feel they are best suited to an outdoor home. Please fill out an adoption enquiry form if you are interested in adopting Batgirl & Roo or any of our other bunnies: