Project Description

Arthur and Peter


Age: 3.5 years old

Meet Arthur and Peter!

Arthur and Peter are a bonded pair of 3.5-year-old lop bunnies. They are both beautiful bunnies and absolutely adore each other. They haven’t been handled for a while so have become quite nervous. They will take parsley from your hand after very tentatively coming to get it but then proceed to run and hide.

Peter does binky when he thinks no-one is looking and Arthur flops, again when he thinks no-one is looking! They will need a home that is willing to be patient and continue getting them used to human contact. We are sure they will continue to grow in confidence and personality! 

Both are a little overweight, so are on a strict diet. The boys are vaccinated and neutered and are looking for an indoor or outdoor home together. Please fill out an adoption enquiry form if you are interested in adopting Arthur and Peter or any of our other bunnies: