The Littlest Lives Rescue comprises of the main rescue centre in Speedwell and numerous foster homes around Bristol and the surrounding areas.

We are always overflowing with bunnies and always need fosterers! Fostering rabbits for The Littlest Lives Rescue Bristol is beneficial in many ways. It:

  • allows us to take in more rabbits that need our help, often from neglectful situations.
  • allows the rabbits to have a homelier environment rather than the busy rescue environment
  • takes the pressure off of the main rescue, as we have so many to care for every day as well as the day-to-day tasks.

Fostering is hugely rewarding as it gives you the chance to help many animals in need and help them find their happy ending. You can see the animals grow in confidence and learn to trust again before going on to their forever homes.

As well as looking after the bunny, we will need you to be able to easily get to our local vets (North Bristol) for appointments, as well as be willing to have potential adoptees come and visit the bunny in your home.

We mainly need indoor foster homes, but outdoors would be helpful too and ideally with your own set up for a rabbit already.

The rescue has a ‘Fosterer’s Agreement’ that all prospective fosterers must read through and sign to agree to its terms. This is to ensure that all the animals in our care receive the same level of care wherever they are. All we ask is that you look after any bunnies as you would your own.

Fostering is super rewarding, and a great way to be able to have bunnies if you don’t have your own!

Fostering rabbits for The Littlest Lives Rescue Bristol

If you are interested in becoming a fosterer, we would love to hear from you!
Please email

Why we foster…a view from one of our foster families

We started fostering rabbits two years ago after seeing a post online about the rescue and immediately wanted to help. Every bunny we’ve had has been so different and it’s been fun and heart-breaking at the same time.

Our first pair were babies that were an absolute handful but just glorious! They were two girls we named Holly and Ivy and although they weren’t with us long, it was difficult to hand them over to their new owner. That was most definitely the hardest part.

Over time we’ve had a few that have come and gone to loving homes, but our most rewarding was Amy. She was so neglected and uncared for, was yellow from her own urine, underweight (from being fed the wrong food), terribly shy and her fur felt wiry and rough. She was really in a terrible state. After lots of love and attention and the right diet, she turned into the most beautiful bunny. Her fur was much better and white! And her temperament was much more trusting, enough to even have a cuddle. She finally went off to her furever home after being bonded, so was a lovely happy ending.

They all have great characters and its lovely to get to know them, it also helps to match them up to the right potential owner. We’re able to let people know exactly what they like, what their favourite treat is, what toys they like to play with. You just don’t get that from a pet store!

It is a commitment but very worthwhile and I’m sure we will carry on fostering for many years to come.

Fostering rabbits for The Littlest Lives Rescue Bristol

If you are interested in becoming a fosterer, we would love to hear from you!
Please email