It is vitally important to feed your rabbit a good quality nugget food. Many muesli-based foods encourage selective feeding (that is only eating the bits they like best and not necessarily the bits that are best for them) and should not be used.

Overgrown teeth are such a prolific problem and left untreated a rabbit can literally starve to death. Although dental disease is largely a genetic issue, you can help your rabbit in some way by using good quality food and providing plenty of chew toys. Anything from log rolls to cardboard boxes are suitable, even some natural branches but you should always check first that these are safe for your rabbit and not poisonous. Signs of dental problems include weight loss, weeping eyes, wet chin & loss of appetite.

It is also vital to follow the feeding guidelines from your vet, normally 2 table spoons/egg cups per day is enough as overfeeding your rabbit will lead to obesity and a large range of health risks. For efficiency, you can mark the correct amount on a small feeding cup so that it is quick and easy to feed them the correct amount each day.  Rabbits can never have too much hay and this should make up 80% of their diet.

It is also important to feed your rabbit a variety of greens which as well as nutritional benefit, provide extra interest for your bunny especially if you place them in something like a food ball or hide under overturned boxes to provide forage opportunities.